US must leave the Middle East

The triple summit of the presidents of Russia, Turkey and Iran that ended in Ankara was mainly devoted to the search for a peaceful settlement in Syria. At the same time, it is obvious that without the liquidation of the bases of irreconcilable militants in the Idlib zone and the solution of the problem of the east of the country occupied by Kurdish-American troops, the final peace in Syria is impossible. Therefore, along with the finally agreed upon constitutional process at the summit, it will still be necessary to bring the war in Syria to its logical conclusion. According to experts who observed the tripartite meeting, the further course of hostilities will be determined by a complex interweaving of circumstances.

Meanwhile, Turkey is in talks with the United States to put an end to clashes in Syria and prevent a new wave of migration. In the course of these negotiations, it is announced that some agreements will be reached, primarily on the creation of a safe zone, but it soon becomes clear that the United States again seeks to delay time. Everyone knows that in order to end the clashes in Syria, it is necessary to eliminate terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria. Both the United States and Russia talk about the need to eliminate terrorist organizations, especially in Syria, but it is no secret that the United States all this time continued to provide all kinds of support to terrorist organizations, even entered into negotiations with them, and as a result, hundreds of weapons trucks and ammunition.

Why do not the clashes end, although each side stands for peace in Syria? Everyone can give a well-known answer to this question. At the negotiating table, each side maintains peace in Syria, but a different situation develops on the battlefield. Official Damascus on its territory approves the presence of only Russian troops and Iranian formations. But there are those who fight against terrorists (or support them) based on their goals, and do not want to leave Syria. The parties have their own plans for the future in this country. To implement these plans, they use terrorist organizations as a tool.

In addition, there are promises they have made to these organizations. The first of these is the creation of a Kurdish autonomous region in Syria and Iran, similar to Iraq. Of course, we must not forget that the Zionists are involved in this plan, who see it as the first step towards achieving their dream of Greater Israel. In addition, the creation of a Kurdish region in Syria is necessary for the security of Israel. In a word, the United States plays openly for the implementation of this Zionist plan and does not even consider it necessary to conceal these intentions. To do this, they provide assistance to terrorist organizations, use certain contradictions in order to support Islamic countries in a state of constant conflict.

Under these conditions, in order to end conflicts primarily in Syria, Iraq and other countries of the Middle East, the main terrorist, the United States, must be removed from him first. Holding meetings, and after them, making statements in the spirit of “The Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) will leave Syria”, it is impossible to get the desired result. If you pay attention, the United States all the time remains aloof from trilateral summits with the participation of the leaders of Russia, Turkey and Iran. The decisions made at these meetings do not meet American interests.

The United States is constantly trying to diversify terrorist organizations in the Middle East, giving them different names, and when one of them becomes an open target, the United States is trying to keep on the battlefield essentially the same organization under a different name. We can say that the main source of problems in our region is the USA, and then Israel. Therefore, having removed the USA from the region, peace can reign in it. But this, apparently, is not easy. You must first upset insidious plans, and for this you need to be vigilant. Otherwise, we will continue to be deceived and led by the nose.

Inshaala! The decision made at the tripartite summit in Ankara in connection with the creation of the constitutional committee is truly important. But the decisions made here are presented as if the United States was not on the battlefield. Meanwhile, eyes are closed on the promises made by the Assad administration to Russia. In addition, we must not forget that all this time the United States and Russia have never encountered each other in the region, and the steps to be taken should take this into account. Thus, until the United States withdraws from the region, terrorist organizations, whatever they are called, the PKK or the Self-Defense Forces (YPG), or the Syrian Democratic Forces, will not leave Iraq and Syria. To avoid new disappointments, you need to see and correctly evaluate this game.



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