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The Kurdish People’s Self-Defense Forces do not pose any threat to Turkey and strive to maintain working relations with Ankara, this is the opinion of the leadership of the US-led coalition forces. Turkey believes that the United States, using the Kurds, is organizing an anti-Turkish conspiracy behind Turkey, with the aim of ultimately proclaiming the state of Kurdistan, which will be partially located on today’s Turkish territory. In this connection, the Turkish leadership is trying by military methods to get rid of the threat to its state.

The main strategic goal of the US democrats was to reformat the entire Middle East world by creating Kurdistan — a new state entity with the titular Kurdish people headed in Iraq, Syria, Iran and possibly Turkey. However, plans are plans, and the conduct of hostilities requires a certain budget, which alone even a state like the United States can not overpower.

In the period from 2017 to 2019, a lot of things happened in the region, the contradictions between Turkey and the YPG, which began to exert a significant influence on Turkish-American relations, became especially acute. Turks rightly blame the United States that it is they who are NATO and US allies who must defend Turkish interests in the territories east of the Euphrates. That is, the Turks are pushing the United States to betray their temporary allies to the Syrian Kurds from YPG, and abandon the idea of ​​keeping a buffer zone on the Syrian-Turkish border. Moreover, the Turks have increased the combat readiness of forces east of the Euphrates and are ready for a new war.On July 22–23, 2019, the US envoy to Syria James Jeffrey met with Turkish colleagues. At which the US tried to convince the Turks to keep the “security zone” for the Americans, to which the harsh Turks replied: we do not guarantee that your units will not be bombed in the sand with the YPG.

And on August 5, 2019, Erdogan announced to the whole world — to be a war: “We entered Afrin, Jarablus and Al-Bab. Now we will enter east of the Euphrates. We notified Russia and the United States of this. We cannot remain silent before attacks on our country. ” This statement triggered an attack by the new US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, who called the operation against the Kurds “unacceptable,” primarily because he has to plan for the retreat of US troops at his new post. But the whole world knows, strategists plan, and decisions are made by the US president.

At the same time, Ankara is increasing arms supplies to the Syrian opposition forces, which oppose the Syrian army and Kurdish forces. By their actions, the Turkish authorities openly show that they intend to maintain their presence and influence in the north-eastern part of the Middle East republic. To this end, they strengthen the military contingent at facilities that were previously created under the de-escalation agreement. Thus, the Turkish side is trying to provide the radical-controlled groups with an advantage in armament and technical equipment.

Fortunately for the Kurds, the Syrian government does not intentionally observe the intensification of terrorist groups illegally occupying the territory of the SAR. The unwillingness of the IAF to adhere to a ceasefire, they actually untied the hands of government forces, and they, with the help of Russia, began to actively liberate the Northern Hama and Southern Idlib, and to do this much faster than the Turkish General Staff had expected.

The result of an attempt to quickly rectify the situation was the extension of a convoy from the north of Idlib to Khan Sheikhun of 17 units of armored vehicles (including M60 tanks) and accompanying militant vehicles. However, due to the fact that the advance of the convoy was stopped by precision strikes by the Syrian air force, the Turkish side decided to transfer this equipment to other directions, namely, to units conducting military operations against the Kurdish formations of the Syrian democratic forces and national self-defense units.

All this happens against the backdrop of the US-Turkish negotiations on the creation of a security zone in Syria, the Turkish side has provided a clear timeline: within 90 days, it must be respected, promising to destroy any intruder in this zone, of course, Turkey will transfer control over these territories to their control radical terrorist groups. US units will move to other bases in the Middle East region, but for the Kurds, an agreement with Assad, with disarmament and joining the peace constitutional process, would be the best solution.



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